Did the ark look like a tub?

Despite the erroneous views on baby blankets and books the ark did not look like some bathtub. It might not seem so important about what our generation sees as the ark. But it does matter!

A picture from Answers in Genesis that depicts what a real tub-like ark would look like:

Copyright © Answers in Genesis, http://www.AnswersinGenesis.org.
Used with permission.

Many Christians cry out against the oppression in school’s trying to take out God in the National Anthem or not posting the Ten Commandments in the hall. And, why can’t they teach Creation as a possibility too? But, in reality, many of those same questions don’t correct their children when they color in a tub-like ark that they got from Sunday school! What does that teach the next generation that will be leading the world and teaching others about God?

It shows them that the Bible is a book of fairy tales and pretty useless information! I mean, you are showing them that the ark was no bigger than a whale and that two kinds of every unclean animal (seven of clean) would have to load onto that tiny ark, along with a year’s provisions and food! So, as you can see, showing the ark as a tub-like boat is just as bad as evolution.

“What?!” You say. Well, the tub-like ark and evolution both degrade the Word of God to just fancy tales! And if that is not dangerous to everyone, than what is?

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