What proof is there of the flood?

In order to correctly determine if the flood was an actual event the evidence must be examined. What evidence is there?

One of the most overwhelming support for a global flood would have to be the multiple caves, canyons and other carved-rock places. These canyons, caves and other places all have a thing called a rock layer.

These rock layers can be hundreds of feet deep or they can be much smaller. No matter how big they are they have long been said to have formed by slow processes over millions of years. But, this theory is completely un-founded.

For one thing, if you were to place hard rock in the earth (miles deep), then run a very small river across it and wait millions of years, you wouldn’t get the Grand Canyon, in fact, you probably wouldn’t even get a little canyon!

Unless you have a very large amount of water and sediment it is nearly impossible to construct the canyons and layers of rocks that we see all around us everyday.

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