Was the flood real?

This question could stump you, or it could give a huge stepping stone into the world of witnessing!

The Truth must always be determined in any situation, and many would say the truth in the ark’s situation is to just accept it as Hebrew imagery of God’s judgment on sinners. But, we can’t accept this as a straightforward reading.

Based on the Bible, and how it confirms the scientific evidence we are exploring in this day and age, the global flood was a real event! In fact, the Bible confirms recent discoveries of fossils that still have flesh on them; since the animals would have been buried quickly in a flood.

Actually, in Noah’s time, if you didn’t believe that the global flood would come, then, you died. It was as simple as that; unbelief was the undoing of thousands, if not millions of lives!

So, with certainty, can we say the flood was a real event?

Most definitely. The Bible confirms that the fossils, layers of rocks, caves, canyons and every other beauty is true and holds to the Almighty Creator God!

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