Surrounded by speculation and, well, water, the story of Noah’s ark is being battled fiercely. Why is the flood important? What is the evidence if it did happen? What did the ark really look like? Do fossils support the global flood? Was it a real event?

In order to look at the flood and the ark we must first look at the purpose of these.

Some don’t understand the influence and importance of the flood and why it would be of any use to us. But, the effects of a true, global flood would be catastrophic in our present, secular-driven world! You will find out more about the physical meaning of a flood later on in this series, but for know let us explore the spiritual nature.

Even this giant was overtaken by the flood!

The ark meant one thing for everyone who was being drowned in the overwhelming waters. That one thing was:

Salvation Now Unreachable

The men and women had their chance to get on that ark before the flood started but they rejected the plain Truth and hung onto the sinking life-jackets of lies.

The ark is one of the biggest symbols of the salvation God would bring nearly 2,500 years later. When we look at the ark we realize that, in order to escape the judgment of our sins, we need to jump onto the “ark” and repent and put our full faith in Jesus Christ!

So, that is why the flood and the ark are so entirely meaningful!


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