Many people want to know when dinosaurs were made. And, when we get the answer, we realize that that answer only mentions land creatures. And since we know pterosaurs are flying creatures, we have yet another question to ask!

So, to help you I have provided a dialogue that prevents the facts of the situation to present an answer.

You: “Are pterosaurs flying creatures?”

Pterosaurs: Flying creatures? Yes!
Pterosaurs: Made on the fifth day? Yes!

Him/Her: “Yes.”

You: “And, according to the Bible, flying creatures were made on day five. So, if pterosaurs are flying creatures then they were made on day five. Thus, within the first chapter of the Bible, pterosaur are talked about!”

Him/Her: “But my Bible says that God made every “winged bird”  on the fifth day. So, since pterosaur wasn’t a bird then how can we believe God made pterosaurs, since He never mentions them?”

You: “What version?”

Him/Her: “NKJV I believe.”

You: “Well, did you know that the KJV says every “winged fowl“. When the NKJV was updated, to better understand, they translated fowl for birds. The Hebrew word for fowl/bird in this account is the word ‘owph.”

Him/Her: “So, isn’t fowl just another word for bird?”

You: “No, fowl actually would include all animals with wings, including bats and pterosaurs. And, the Hebrew word, ‘owph means a creature covered with feather or with wings. To me, that includes every winged creature!”

Him/Her: “Well, I guess you can’t argue with that!”

This dialogue could be just one way a conversation about pterosaurs could go. I doubt it will go that smoothly but at least you are ready now!

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