Did and do humans live with dinosaurs?

This petroglyph is completely authentic and all arguments against it have been put to rest.

In a place called Kachina Bridge a very interesting petroglyph has been discovered in the stone. This petroglyph has been “pecked” (a process in which a human takes a tool and pecks at the stone and makes an image) and produces a very interesting picture.

This petroglyph has been attacked as not being authentic but all arguments against it have been put to rest. This petroglyph is entirely accurate in its depiction and was obviously made by a technique that is not often used today (pecking).

Then, between A.D. 1181-1210, an order was commissioned to make a temple called Ta Prohm. This temple had a very interesting doorpost that had carvings of animals such as monkeys, pigs, water buffaloes and a stegosaurus! 1

This carving was made about 600+ years before dinosaurs were first found and correctly identified. Thus, the people who had carved these images into stone listed them among other animals that were real and seen regularly.

Another twist came when, in the African Congo, there were sightings of a creature that resembles a Sauropod. This creature is referred to as Mkele Memembe and has been seen and drawn by locals. All the pictures and descriptions seem to describe a creature like Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus or maybe Diplodocus.

This creature has been seen by two men who were trying to get pictures of it. The first time they were in a raft when they saw its head, and, like any person would do when seeing a dinosaur, they screamed and paddled for shore. Although they never got pictures of it (their cameras fell in the water) they did spend the night in trees because of the drama experienced on the ground earlier that day.

That night, these men, sleeping in the trees, recorded a very strange sound. It sounded like Mkele Memembe was dining on a three course meal and was making strange, guttural sounds. These men emerged from the jungles never to forget their experience with the mystery of Africa.

As the article draws to a close I am reminded of the ideas we are fed through movies and other propaganda. Everyone should be able to distinguish from the facts and the fiction.



1 Cole, Kenneth, “Evidence of Dinosaurs at Angkor”. Answers in Genesis. EFCA, 2007. Web

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