Are dinosaur fossil remakes correct?

John: “What do Wannanosaurus and Xiaosaurus have in common?”

Lisa: “They are both dinosaurs?”

John: “No. Both of their skeletons consist of a piece of skull and jawbone!”

Lisa: “What?! You mean they reconstructed a entire dinosaur with just a piece of the skull and jawbone?!”

John: “That’s right.”

Lisa: “Does that mean all the dinosaurs we have seen are all fakes?”

John: “No, just some of them. Some more fakes would be Brontosaurus, Fabrosaurus, Notoceratops, Pachycephalosaurus and many more! But, a lot of dinosaurs have been found as nearly complete skeletons.”

Pachycephalosaurus is only known by his skull.

Lisa: “Man, I can’t believe there are that many fakes! What are some of the real dinosaurs then?”

John: “I don’t know all of them but some are T. Rex, Edmontosaurus, Compsognathus, Coelophysis and Brachiosaurus. These dinosaurs are ones I know that are real. Fossils are hard to form and with dinosaurs they can definitely have missing bones.”

Lisa: “So, there are some dinosaurs that are real, right?”

John: “Quite a few, you just have to do your research before you believe the “finding” of a new dinosaur. Some of these dinosaurs may be proven real in the future, but, right now, it doesn’t look that way!”

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