How could humans live with dinosaurs?

We have a mistaken notion that if dinosaurs were to roam the earth with humans that the dinosaurs would just overrule humans and destroy the human race. Well, “mistaken” is right!

We probably get these notions from movies like Jurassic Park where dinosaurs run around eating people and destroying cities!

Since we know that dinosaurs lived with humans (see Where are the dinosaurs?), then we can assume that they must have had some contact with them.

We need to realize that living with dinosaurs in the early civilizations would not have been a terrifying life. In fact, it would be almost exactly like us living with wolves or bears.

But, why wouldn’t it be difficult? Well, people lived in cities back then and these cities had walls; walls that could be many feet thick and made of rocks! I’d like to see a T-Rex or any other dinosaur get through those kind of walls.

Is this a monster or is he just misrepresented?

As mentioned above, we base too many of our “facts” on a movie or book written solely for entertainment, not for education. People think they can judge so much of a fossil but, really, you can’t. In fact, all you can certainly judge is whether it had bones or not! That is the limit of fossils, unless you get fossilized flesh, then the story changes.

Let’s try a little experiment.

For this experiment let’s completely erase from our minds the existence of the elk. Okay, you have never before seen or heard of an elk. But, one day you find a fossil of this creature. You also find his antlers, perfectly fossilized!

It is a great discovery, and within a hundred years people are writing books about this strange creature they have never before seen before you found it. Then, you see a movie where elk are somehow brought back to existence through cloning.

On this movie you see herds of elk running through cities (they got loose from their “controlled environment” and got into the cities) and goring people with their antlers and trampling them under their hooves!

Wow! Well, we know that that is not a very good representation of an elk. Elk just don’t do that!

So, the truth stands. We can’t say dinosaurs are destructive monsters just because we see some “dangerous” elements on their bodies.

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