If there was a poll asking for the names of two dinosaurs that have been the most misrepresented the correct answer would fall in the range of Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Velociraptor. Why have they both been so wrongly misrepresented? I only need to list three titles.

  1. Jurassic Park I
  2. The Lost World (Jurassic Park II)
  3. Jurassic Park III

You can read more about Velociraptor in his page, here. But, we will continue with our analysis of T. Rex.

In the movies Jurassic Park 1-3 T. Rex is always portrayed as a vicious creature that eats people at will. And, except for darts and other weapons, he is virtually indestructible. In multiple scenes he breaks through walls and it doesn’t even phase him.

Actually, T. Rex, along with Velociraptor, are the main characters in the Jurassic Park series (except for the Spinosaurus in No. 3).

T. Rex  Features

I suggest you go over the below, short lists to figure out some of the theories (these theories were repeated as fact in Jurassic Park 1-3) about T. Rex.

Theories and probabilities:

  • Carnivore (ate meat)
  • Attacked each other like most animals do today for territory, mates and food
  • Had limited vision
  • Could run 20 mph or more

Chances are that T. Rex was a carnivore after the fall of Adam. It also makes sense that T. Rex would battle for territory, mates, etc. Many animals do that today. These are all probabilities but we just can’t be absolutely positive!

T. Rex has the following features:

  • Huge head
  • Small arms compared to the body
  • Long tail
  • Sharp, serrated teeth

T. Rex  Analysis


This huge head of T. Rex has significant relations with the rest of his body, including his entire posture.

What we know about this creature might be false!

Like the amusing T. Rex said in Meet the Robinsons, “I have a big head [shakes head] and little arms [wiggles little arms].” This, for the most part, is accurate when describing T. Rex. His arms are actually the size of an adult’s arm, but compared to the body, they look small.

T. Rex had a head that measured well over four feet. That would be like taking the length of your face, back of head to the front, and multiplying it by six! That is one big head! If you were take the weight of your head along with the six others your poor head would weigh about 54 pounds! Imagine if you had to run around with that attached to your neck?

Even though the T. Rex had a humongous head it did have special designs within his heavy helmet. God did not want this creature with a head so big that the bearer couldn’t lift it, so He made holes throughout the skull to lighten the weight without compromising the structural strength.

He also was made with a sturdy back and tail to counteract his massive head.


Contrary to the movies, T. Rex is now suspected to have a very good vision. On Jurassic Park T. Rex is said to have bad eyesight and whenever the actors meet up with one the leader always tells them not to move. Of course, it is only a matter of seconds before someone goes screaming! Then, the T. Rex recognizes that whatever it saw is prey, he chases after it and usually picks off one!

Well, after study of the placement of the eyes and shape of the skull, scientists are now saying that it would have been able to look straight forward and seen, possibly, as well as humans! This is a unique trait in T. Rex because other theropods, from which T. Rex is a family member of, have thin skulls and the eyes are placed in a much different place then what is found in T. Rex.

There goes another one of the movie’s false ideas.


The sharp teeth and claws of the T. Rex have long been considered clear giveaways that T. Rex was a carnivore. But, does that really hold water?

First of all, we know that T. Rex was a vegetarian at one point, but, after the fall of mankind, the result of sin, death, ran rampant throughout the earth.

Sue’s skull; the most complete skeleton ever found of a T. Rex

Many people look at sharp teeth like T. Rex’s and just naturally assume that he killed or scavenged his meals. To study the teeth of this great dinosaur is vital to find if T. Rex was even capable of eating plants or meat.

The teeth of T. Rex are serrated, which means they have small but sharp ripples along the back of the teeth. These serrations would have been perfect for cutting through meat, and fruit. His teeth are also thick and slightly curved, this gives him a whopper of a bite that would easily kill an animal, or take down a nice watermelon!

T. Rex was made for both eating meat and plants, God knew He would need both in a perfect world that turned sinful!


T. Rex was a creature that was so wonderfully made that it has never left the memories of billions of people throughout 6,000 years!

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