The long claw of Baryonyx. The gigantic teeth of Tyrannosaurus Rex. The large middle claw of Deinonychus, and the menacing teeth of Acrocanthosaurus. All these dinosaurs had one thing in common: they were some of the most well designed killers 1 in all of history.

Viewing these dinosaurs today we have no problem with them. However, when we look into the Bible and find that there was no death before the Fall, some wonder why God would create these creatures with such dangerous weapons. Right there lies the problem.obj232geo197pg12p32

Humans are fallible creatures and God is infallible. We cannot even understand a miniscule part of God because of those opposites. That is why God has given answers through His Word.

When dinosaurs lived in the pre-Fall world there was one thing they could eat: plants. That was it. God did not say, “if you look like a herbivore eat plants and if you look like a carnivore eat meat.” No, He said, “And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat:” (Genesis 1:30)

God did not continue with “and everyone disobeyed and went wild.” No, He said it was so. It was so.

Once one is past having doubts about the Word of God they can interpret the world around them with accuracy. When you reach that point you can look to the “ferocious weapons” of the dinosaurs and inspect them.

Many, many creatures nowadays have sharp teeth and yet they are completely herbivores. A couple of examples include the camel and the fruit bat. There are also omnivores that look very much like carnivores. This list includes one of the most feared animals of today, the bear. This creature could tear you apart with his claws and teeth yet, he often uses those tools to eat plants. I suggest dinosaurs did something similar to that.

Before the Fall the smaller carnivores would have sliced through fruit that grew on the ground. The muskmelon would be an easy job for the retractable claw of the dromaeosaurs 2. A watermelon would have been slightly harder but the slim heads of these dinosaurs would have fit in small holes carved out by the claw.

If these smaller carnivores preferred roots they could dig them up with their claws and then feast with their jaws.

The larger carnivores, however, could have gone for the higher food. Many leaves and fruit grow up in trees so the big theropods had better access to those. The fact that they have such small arms, most of them that is, makes sense with this theory. When reaching for high fruit with one’s head he does not need long arms.

The food would easily have been sliced by the amazing teeth of these dinosaurs and digested.

After the Fall these dinosaurs may have changed and become meat-eating terrors.3 Or, they may have stayed on the same track God originally designed them for: eating plants. Only further research will tell.

1When referring to these dinosaurs as “killers” or “carnivores” I am referring to the modern interpretation of them. Obviously these dinosaurs were not carnivores before the Fall but the use of these words are just for the sake of the article

2 Dromaeosaurs are dinosaurs like Velociraptor or Deinonychus. Their distinct feature is the third claw that is bigger than all the others and was held up off the ground. This claw could be swung down and be used as a slicer.

3 There is plenty of evidence that most carnivorous-looking dinosaurs ate meat after the Fall. But, at least we know they did not eat meat before the Fall.


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