A little while ago I got a book from my Grandma. It was a book about dinosaurs. Surprisingly, this book didn’t say million of years once! The only non-biblical word it said was “prehistoric” (prehistoric means “before written history” and this is in evolutionary term. The Bible covers from the beginning of time!). Of course, though, the whole book was just dinosaur drawings (some of which we will use on this series).

Dinosaurs are very popular in our culture!

Dinosaurs were truly amazing creatures. People are so fascinated with dinosaurs that others have written many, many books and movies on that very subject. In fact, some of the most popular movies are those about dinosaurs!

But, the doctrine we are spoon-fed in movies such as Jurassic Park (even the name suggests millions of years) and the new kid’s show Dinosaur Train (where kids learn from evolution-believing dinosaurs all about evolution, millions of years, and dinosaurs!) is not accurate.

Dinosaurs didn’t live millions of years ago, in fact, they lived here a little over 4,000 years ago; actually they still might be living today!

We will explore dinosaurs and the lives they lived. We will also reclaim dinosaurs as God-made animals!


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