When studying the Word you must always remember these key things.

1. Always remember that the Bible is the Word of God.

1a. Always place any verse, chapter or book of the Bible you are reading into the “Word of God” section. When studying the Word you should never forget that the Bible is words that are God-breathed!

2 Peter 1:21: For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

God spoke the Word into these men so that we could read what God intended us to know!

2. Never try to fit secular ideas into the Bible.

2a. I find that a lot of people, (theistic evolutionists, followers of the gap theory, etc) try fitting secular views into the Bible. I still don’t understand why people want to stick pagan views into the Bible and still claim it to be the Word of God, but the inner meaning really does try to undermine the Gospel.

When you begin to put millions of years into the Bible you find that death comes millions of years before the Fall of man. And when death comes millions of years before the Fall you find that God must be lying in certain verses and that the whole reason for Christ dying is completely obscured.

When studying the Word be careful not to put secular views into the Bible!

3. Always read the Bible as it was meant to be read. Example: read the book of Isaiah as prophecy not as a psalm or proverb.

 3a. Make sure when you are reading the Bible that the subject you are reading (Writings, Prophecy, History, etc) is kept in mind.

Imagine reading all of Revelation (Prophecy) as poetry (Writings)! Can you imagine the look on a prophecy scholar’s face if you told him that you read the book of Revelation as you would read Psalms? And that Revelation is really just a bunch of colorful images not the real thing. Do you see the picture?

I understand that sometimes you may have to mix prophecy with history or writings with prophecy or writings with history but just make sure you aren’t changing the literal interpretation of the Bible.

4. When studying customs or manners of a certain passage or book you must remember what period it is, where the writer is, and why God inspired him to write it.

5. All Scripture can rely off other Scriptures, so cross-reference.

5a. Quite a few translations of the Bible have a little column in the middle of the page that has cross-reference to other Scriptures that share the same idea, or similar wording.

If you have a Bible that contains this special column, use it!

Scripture has always supported other Scriptures, never has a real contradiction been found! Amazing, over a period of about 1500 years, written by more than 40 men, and still not a single contradiction!

So, when you study, make sure are using cross-reference!

There are many others and I hope I can relay these on you throughout this website!

6. Proclaim the Gospel, rightly, don’t follow remix of the Gospel.

6a. Proclaiming the Word simply means, teaching others about it, telling other about it, and, overall, giving it to the lost!

We are called to proclaim the Word (Acts 1:8) to ‘the ends of the earth’! I’m trying to accomplish that through this website, but there are other ways.

What other way?

Multiple ones: speak to a neighbor about their beliefs and tell them what you believe. Write articles and submit them to Christian websites or stations that might want to publish them. Talk to your friends in school (or if you are homeschooled write letters to friends, I love doing this one), ETC.

There are many more ways, and try to figure out some more, just always, always, remember when proclaiming the gospel only proclaim the gospel, no New Age idea or anything like that, always stick to the clear gospel!

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