No feather . . . No gray

I have been doing a lot of graphics work lately, especially with my silhouette work. One of the first tools you learn when working with these types of graphics is a thing called “feathering”.

This is when you draw a mask around your image and then make the edges blur or feather into the other layers. This makes it harder to tell the difference between layers and is a great way to meld multiple images together. I have used it hundreds of times and it is a lifesaver!

When it comes to black and white objects, it creates a nice gray area between them. Blends them perfectly. The “gray area” is a familiar term for most people.

People like to say that things aren’t always black and white. That there are gray areas in life. That there is a “feathering” so to speak between the good layer and the bad layers. People will ask if some particular thing is a sin and even Christians will say that “that is a gray area.” This is simply not true and not Biblical!

Jesus clearly said that if we are not for Him we are against Him. He didn’t allow any gray area. And when you pay attention to how God treats sin, you will see He has no gray area either. It is either sin or it isn’t.

We generally say something is in a gray area if it is something we do or don’t want to limit ourselves from doing. We say it is a gray area to make ourselves feel better. This is a bad idea. This is us rejecting God’s holy truth.

You murder someone, it is a sin. It doesn’t matter if it was in self-defense, abortion, war, or out of hate. It is a sin and you need to repent.

You lie, it is a sin. It doesn’t matter if it is to protect someone, hurt someone or not intentional. It is a sin. Plain and simple.

We need to stick to what God has told us. He calls sin “sin” and holiness “holiness”. He has made it very clear so stop lying to yourself and others.

Bless You!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I tell you what, my 2.5-year old is the cutest little kid ever! I know, every parent says that . . . but this time it is true!

We taught him awhile ago to say “bless you” when someone sneezes. Well, now it is a great indicator for lots of things. For example, if we are unsure if he is asleep yet, we could quietly fake sneeze in the other room and if he is awake he will always yell out “bless you” from his bedroom! It is the cutest thing!

But, the little guy didn’t just leave it at that. No, he took it to another level. If you cough, he says “bless you”. I mean, if you coughed for an hour straight he would say “bless you” every time! My wife had a coughing fit that lasted several minutes one time and between patting her leg, he would say “bless you” every single time. This kid! Needless to say, it is absolutely adorable to hear this little boy care so much for those in pain. And yes, he says “bless you” when he coughs or sneezes as well.

You may be wondering what the point of this cute story is besides being cute? Well, the phrase “bless you” got me thinking of how people use the term “God bless you”. I hear people say it all the time to anyone and everyone. I even see it on the signature of emails people send.

Well, in John 1:10-11, God gives us a new perspective on giving His blessings to those who do not follow Him:

10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:

11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

This is a very serious matter. When people try to give God’s blessing to someone who does not follow God, they are in danger of partaking of that person’s unfaithfulness. Some food for thought for when you want to casually or mundanely throw out a “God bless you” to a stranger.

Hanging out of a helicopter

It has been almost four years since I regularly posted here on Already Answered, but, despite that, God has blessed this site and the articles I have written still gets thousands of views a month! This is very humbling and I am blessed to have had an opportunity to spread God’s truth to the world.

It is hard to believe it has been four years. Life has been crazy. Crazy awesome but crazy none the less. The above picture is of me hanging out of a helicopter from just last week. My video production company (Filmko Studios) has also been blessed by God and we are filming every week from Christian music videos like the one below, to helicopters pulling out ski lifts, which is when I got the above picture.

When I was up in the sky in that helicopter for six hours filming, I got to see how amazing God’s creation is! And not just the incredible landscape I got to see but also the feats man has accomplished because of the wonderful gifts God has given us. We have come so far in our “advancement” but at the same time something still bugs me.

We have progressed significantly in recent times when it comes to technology and the such, but where have we progressed in the only important way? Adrian Rogers used to often say, “if you want to see how rich you are, count up the things in your life money can’t buy and death cannot take away from you.” That is very true. In the end, God is the only One that matters.

I really got to see this recently when I was hired for a filming job in Los Angeles, California. We arrived in LAX Airport at 10pm, so I got to see the city at night from several thousand feet in the air. It was incredible. I looked out both airplane windows and could only see LA. It was huge. The biggest city that I remember being in was less than 25% the size of LA!

But, something I realized was, that this huge city was still nothing compared to the size of the earth, the sun, or even the solar system, much less the universe! And Who created all that? Who created we minuscule humans to enjoy His masterpiece?

Most importantly, what do we do with that knowledge?

Have a great day!

Jacob Howard

P.S. Here is our latest Christian music video as promised!