No Such Thing as the Cold

fireballoonDid you know that there is no such thing as the cold? Sure, that sounds stupid, but it is true. The thing we call cold is actually called . . .  wait for it . . . heat.

Really, cold is really just a low amount of heat. It feels cold to us because we are made for temperatures that are warmer than cold, but, cold is heat.

Now, when you tell some people that they will think you’re crazy or stupid, but, there is a reason for it.

See, cold has a limit. It cannot get colder than -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit. Why not? Because that is the point where there is absolutely no heat left. When all the heat has left something, it is then cold, but that can only be reached at -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Oh, and another interesting fact: heat is not the absence of cold. Heat is its own element and cold only exists because of it. Heat can survive without cold. Cold cannot be without heat.

This can give an interesting lesson on other forces too. For instance, evil.

I have long thought, and taught, that evil is like the cold; it only exists when there is a low amount or absence of good. I believe the above cold proprieties can be instrumental in exploring things like evil.

If evil (in all its different forms and quantity) is just the absence of good, couldn’t we greatly impact the world by spreading the Gospel, the Good news? Imagine how evil would be thwarted!

Oh, another interesting fact: good is not the absence of evil. Good is its own element and evil only exists because of it. Good can survive without evil. Evil cannot be without good.

Through Rose-Colored Glasses

design (19)Atheists and Christians have a bit of a problem. Christians look at the world and say, “wow, God must have created all this beauty.” Atheists look at the world and say, “wow, how could a merciful, all-loving God allow all this suffering, death and pain?”

The truth is, Christians are falling short of explaining more than just the beauty of creation. Atheists, however, are guilty of a bait-and-switch tactic. They claim to argue with science, then try to get people from believing in God with theological arguments. This isn’t science, but theology.

Christians, however, want to use a scientific, theological and logical statement to prove their stance.

We are essentially saying that only a knowledgeable (scientific) Being could create everything around us, that He would choose to create it for us (theological) and everything is in a perfect order that could only be designed by a Creator (logical). See, easy.

Such arguments are easy to form and critical for explaining the deeper things of the creation debate! How about you write one down right now and memorize it? A short challenge for you.

The Odds of . . . Chess?

chesspawnI’m a pretty big fan of chess. I absolutely love playing it and am pretty much the champion in my family. Once, I challenged my uncle to a game that lasted nearly 4 hours. It ended with me saying checkmate with my king and queen against his king. It was a tough (and long) game, but I was able to win.

There is something oddly nice about playing a game of chess. It isn’t mindless thumb-twiddling drudgery like so many games today. If you don’t make chess your life, it can sharpen your mind like no other game and provides hours of fun (and the occasional headache).

Chess is a mental and strategy challenge! If you have ever done chess challenges you know they rely off heavyweight brain-pumping and strategies that may turn the seemingly impossible into “checkmate”! Chess is no game for dummies, that is certain. You need a good brain to be able to play chess and be good at it.

You know one thing chess definitely does not require? Faith or belief! You don’t need to have faith to play chess. You have the control right with your chess pieces. This is important because, according to some people, faith is weak and for the stupid and mislead. It wouldn’t have any place in a chess game.

With that in mind, and considering many of the people who say such things about faith are the ones interviewed, watch the following video. See how their double standard doesn’t work out so well!

Information? Information? Where Art Thou Information!

082612_0830_sharepoint29Information is the most sought after thing in the world. People will barter for it, pay for it and even kill for it. People will die for it and die because of it. Don’t believe me?

Think of all those old westerns. In many of them they would have the good guy recognize the bad guy and the bad guy would then say he would be forced to kill him. The good guy gained knowledge and died because of it (or the producers made it sound like he was going to die because of it) and the bad guy killed because of it. Information can be deadly.

But, information isn’t only bad. Imagine two murderers are coming to your house and are going to burn down the entire building and make sure you can’t get out. Now, if someone heard of their plans and warned you, that information would save you and your family. The information turned out to help someone.

Information, like electricity, travels from person-to-person and many times travels in circles. Like our western analogy.

The good guy knew the bad guy and gained information on what he sounded like, looked like, etc. The good guy then released that information to the bad guy. The bad guy then took that information and killed someone because of the threat that the information might be told elsewhere. The main reason information is stopped is because someone wants it to be stopped!

Now, in our other analogy, we have a different story. Information went from one murderer to another. That information was also picked up by a different person who then went and gave that information to you. That information was then given to your family and probably the police. The information that you had escaped eventually reached the murderers and the train of information might be released in court back to the murderers.

All in all, a big, long wrap of information that covered many people.

But, you want to know something about information? It can’t create itself and it can be created by no one but God Almighty! And He tells us He created information right away in Genesis. He said, “let there be light.” Information right there.

Think about it, information is everywhere in everything. Your computer, your body, your room, your car, even the air. Information is everywhere because everything can be interpreted with an intelligent mind. The air doesn’t tell us it is called “oxygen”. We must come to that conclusion our self.

So, information can’t only not be created by nothing, it can’t be understood by nothing so, in order for it to exist, it must have something, or Someone, Who can understand it. Otherwise, information cannot exist.