Building a Foundation

rocks2Awhile ago I first heard of the Ellerslie ministry and shared their Gospel video on this site at least once. Well, I sort of forgot about them until recently.

A friend of mine was recommending places I could get good Godly teaching and Ellerslie was the place she recommended. You can view their site HERE. I found their snippets of Eric and Leslie’s sermons very captivating. I have watched all their videos and they are awesome!

Check out the sermon page HERE.

And their videos HERE.

When Our Legs Break

When our legs break and when the steps beneath us begin to fall, who would reject the Man who stands above you and offers a lift up? And, if you find that mercy great, then would you say to the Man who is rushing you to safety. “Thank you, but I’d rather proceed on my own from here.” And yet, your legs are still broken! What a fool you are!

– In Support of “The Critical Difference