In the Hallway – Simply a Review

fightAt the end of my first year as editor-in-chief of my school’s website/newspaper, we were having our last meeting to get the final issue out. I had interviewed Ray Comfort on his first documentary, 180. Mr. Comfort gave me great answers so I made it into a review for our newspaper. You can see the interview HERE.

In our newspaper we have the various sections: Science, Features, Entertainment, Opinion, etc. My article was an interview with the producer of a movie and it was, essentially a review. I had done many other interview/reviews and every time my articles went into the Entertainment section. This time, because the movie was pro-life, the teacher, and every single student (except another Christian girl I knew), thought the review should go into Opinion.

To the average person this might not be a big deal but, to me, who has seen the inner workings of how people respond to the different sections, it did not set well. I instantly protested and then it was the whole class against me.

It quickly dissolved into a discussion on abortion, which neither me nor the teacher wanted. Finally, after learning a whole lot about the attitudes of my peers towards abortion, I was able to state my case and I won. The article went in the Entertainment section and lost none of its credibility under the branding of “opinion”.

I was very grateful. Fortunately, the little skirmish had not developed into anything big and I was able to get the 180 movie and a favorable interview and review onto our school’s website!

In the Hallway – Cease and Desist

tealeafIt was about three years ago now. It was my first real witnessing experience. I had been convicted that I needed to witness to someone. Something in me called out a certain person I knew. I asked her what she thought happened when people died.

We had a good conversation, but because we were both rather young, she a year or two younger than me and me being 15, we quickly drifted to a tangent. I unfortunately agree that I did not handle it well, as far as keeping on track, and the conversation went a little off.

We resumed the conversation a week later and it went well until she started getting uncomfortable with seeing her sin and what it demands. Without getting into details, her parents got mad at me and accused me of things that I did not do or say. I was told to “cease” the discussion by my teacher and to never do it again.

I was pretty wounded. It seemed the whole world was against me and that I was just waiting to get crushed by the principal or someone else of authority. My 15-year-old mind was consumed with the “fear of man”.

I’m the first to admit I didn’t witness to her perfectly, but the response I got was certainly not one of “not judging” and “treating everyone equally”. I was blatantly yelled at and threatened for my beliefs and for sharing them . . .