A Sunset Silhouette

silcacSunset is one of my favorite parts of the day. I can remember one day when my dad and I were staying in a old forest fire watchtower. We were high up, above the mountains and could see the sun setting on the far horizon.

This particular night, the sun was bright red. It was one of the coolest natural images I had ever seen. It was one of those images I’d never soon forget.

Looking at the sunset and thinking about the above image, I realized that this world is just a silhouette, or shadow, of what heaven will be like. Anything good and beautiful in this world is just a tiny foretaste of what eternity with God will be like!

No Standard

streamrockThe above beauty of this stream picture is completely pointless. Actually, you’re life is completely pointless . . . such is the teaching evolution.

I gave the following presentation on evolutionary worldview and its impact on American values at a conference. You can see the presentation HERE.

I also recommend you watch the following video to get a good grasp about what evolution really teaches.

Conflict Aversion?

peaceI’m the type of person who responds well to conflict. For instance, the other day I was taking a quiz and one of the questions was, “Someone challenges you to a fight, what do you do?” I chose the one that said, “I try to peacefully reason with them.” Sure, I like to avoid serious conflict when I can but I’m not afraid of it.

And, this is a good thing. Sometimes, conflict can bring about amazing results. I mean, watch the following videos and I’m sure you will end up agreeing with me: