The Right Motivation

pathsteepThere was once two warring tribes. One tribe lived high up in the mountains, knowing every rock, tree, path and plant. The other tribe lived in a valley beneath the shadow of the mountain. They knew their valley perfectly, but had no knowledge of the mountain except about the people who lived above.

One day, the Highlanders (as they were called) ambushed the Lowlanders. A great battle ensued and many lives were lost, and one baby boy was kidnapped by the Highlanders. The Lowlanders, being a very closely knit people, sent out their best warriors and fighters to recapture the baby.

The warriors had the best intentions and worked as hard as they could, but after days of trying to scale the mountain, work their way through the maze of paths and trees to find the Highlanders village, they found themselves only a couple hundred feet up from where they had started. The mission was impossible.

Right when they decided to start heading back, they saw someone walking down the mountain. It was a woman . . . the mother of the kidnapped baby. They caught up to the woman and noticed the missing baby wrapped in her arms. The warriors were astonished. How did she scale the mighty mountain?

One man stopped the woman and asked, “How did you scale the mountain when we, the strongest men in the tribe, could not?”

The woman looked down at her baby and said, “He isn’t your baby.”

The Howard Award

highlightToday was the sort of “Senior Farewell” from my class in school. They had a rather interesting, and shocking prize for me.

The last two years, I have been the winner of the “Journalist of the Year” award from my school. This has been an honor to receive . . . but this year, they did something different with the award.

In my honor and because of my four years of dedication to Journalism, they have now named the award after me! It is now known as the “Howard Award for IDVA Journalist of the Year”! I was truly honored for this recognition and it completely shocked me . . . I thank God for allowing me to join this class and learn so much and too make an impact!

It was actually this class and this teacher that originally showed me how to make my own website . . . and the rest is history that you can see right here on this very site!

What About . . .

jobJust yesterday, for a school assignment, I had to write a resume. It can be awfully interesting sitting down and really thinking about everything you’ve done in life and try to see which things would help you get a job.

I was able, fortunately, to write down enough prior information to fill out the assignment. There were plenty of times, however when I really had to think of what I’ve done. Of course, my writing experience was on there. I didn’t work for years honing my writing skills for them not to be on my resume!

Speaking of which, I have recently been selected as a writer for two other Christian magazines. One magazine is a branch of Standard Publishing and is called, Encounter. I’m very excited about this magazine and the article I wrote for it. I believe the article and proof so plainly proves the deity of Christ and the authority of the Bible that it would be sad for it not to be included in a Christian magazine!

I was also accepted a few days ago by Nature Friend. I wrote a children’s article on aardvarks for them. I’m happy to see that these awesome creatures will be showcased to kids from the Christian perspective.

I’m excited to see my work showcased in these Christian magazines!