The Wonder of Life

800px-Blumenwiese_bei_Obermaiselstein05Life is so incredibly special. Each new day in this world is a great privilege. Sure, some days are better than others and some days can really get you down. However, life is a gift given by God for the purpose of us using it to His glory.

Now, think about abortion. Think about death. Think about the gift we destroy at every single abortion. The gift of life and the gift of a child. Think about it . . .

The Alien in Humans?

Looking at pictures of a young child in the womb makes you wonder. I mean, at week 4 you would be quite perplexed. From where did that alien come from?

The truth is, the development of the human in the body of a woman is a very unique and interesting process. Answers in Genesis has provided an amazing chart that gives quick sections on each stage of development. That baby is no alien. Click here for the chart.

While you are at it why don’t you watch the revolutionary 180 movie from Ray Comfort?

The Price of Life

Answer truthfully:
Which one would you pick?

Imagine this scenario:

A woman is pregnant. She doesn’t want the baby so she goes to an abortion clinic. She has her baby sucked out with a vacuum like device and her baby is gone. There is no remorse.

Now, imagine this scenario:

A dog is pregnant. The owner doesn’t want the puppies so he brings her to a place and has her puppies sucked out of her.

Now, when the woman and the dog come home which of the families is going to feel sadder? The woman’s family or the dog’s owner’s family?

The sad truth is, people would find it a horrible thing to abort the cute little puppies but there isn’t that much wrong with killing a human baby who will only bring more “trouble and stress”. What a twisted and disgusting world we live in!

If you want to help end this murdering of millions of humans, then watch this video and share it with whomever you can!

It’s Either the Baby or . . . That Tree!

TulipsToday, “saving the earth” is one of the top priorities. In the news, you hear more about being environmentally friendly than you do about being people friendly! We have taken our role as stewards of the earth to a level where we worship the earth and despise humans.

There are thousands of laws that are enforced to protect plants and animals, but yet it is legal to kill a human baby for any reason.

If you were to ask many people today what they would rather pick, a baby in a mother’s womb or a some “environmental protection”, many, too many, would pick the environmental protection.

So, that is our problem . . . what is the solution? Watch the following: