What’ve We Become?


Article from ICU Mobile

Brace yourself before you read any further.

Since 1973 more than 55,000,000 Americans have had NO CHANCE at life. They were aborted.

1,300,000 or more abortions occur every year in the United States.

3,800 or more abortions occur every day in the United States.

40,000,000 pregnancies a year will end in an induced abortion around the world. That is 109,589 every day.*

How long? How long must we sing this song?

We read these numbers of human lives lost, HUMAN BEINGS NO LONGER WITH US, and it should trigger something deep inside of us. There should be a visceral reaction that rises in protest. “No! This should not happen, this should not be. This is not right!”

We long for what’s right. We long for right-ness, or righteousness. When we see an injustice with such a human toll as abortion, we should feel slighted, undone, and dissatisfied. We sense an imbalance, and we should want to set it straight. The destruction of human lives, created in the image of God like all of us, our Lord’s heart is broken and so should ours break.

We don’t know how many more must die. We don’t know how many more will be killed before God finally ends this sin. But we do know this: God is righteous. There is nothing in Him that’s wrong, and it’s His righteousness that will prevail at the end of the age. No atrocity that has ever been committed will go unpunished or unsettled. He brings His justice to light and will never fail to right every wrong.

As heinous and horrific as things are here on earth, and abortion must be chief among the atrocities, there is a Judge in heaven, a righteous Judge, who presides over all, and His righteousness will have the last word. And so it will be with abortion.

The Lord is righteous in all his ways and faithful in all he does. (Psalms 145:17)

We don’t know how many more will die. We don’t know how long our souls will remain in deep anguish. How long, Lord, how long? (Psalm 6:3)

But we do know God is righteous. In that we find hope.

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*data provided by the Guttmacher Institute

The Wonder of Life

800px-Blumenwiese_bei_Obermaiselstein05Life is so incredibly special. Each new day in this world is a great privilege. Sure, some days are better than others and some days can really get you down. However, life is a gift given by God for the purpose of us using it to His glory.

Now, think about abortion. Think about death. Think about the gift we destroy at every single abortion. The gift of life and the gift of a child. Think about it . . .

The Alien in Humans?

Looking at pictures of a young child in the womb makes you wonder. I mean, at week 4 you would be quite perplexed. From where did that alien come from?

The truth is, the development of the human in the body of a woman is a very unique and interesting process. Answers in Genesis has provided an amazing chart that gives quick sections on each stage of development. That baby is no alien. Click here for the chart.

While you are at it why don’t you watch the revolutionary 180 movie from Ray Comfort?