Photo by 贝莉儿 DANIST on Unsplash

Heaven used to be something you either believe in, or scoff at. But, I have seen a growing number of people who sit on the fence between the two. They show no belief or interest in heaven until someone they know dies, or a friend has a loved one pass away. Then they start throwing out all kinds of statements:

“He is smiling down on us.”

“He’ll always be with you, watching you from heaven.”

“You’ll see him again in heaven.”

And the list goes on and on. But the truth is, heaven is not a convenient condolence topic to be abused. It is a real place, and the majority of people are not going there when they die. Sound terrible? Well, sadly, it is terrible but it is also true.

I know people who claim to be Christians and every time a loved one dies, they simply think they will see them in heaven, no matter what they believed or did in their lifetimes. This is not true.

Christians! We need to wake up and tell the truth! If an unbeliever dies, stop telling the loved ones they will see them again in heaven. When someone dies who openly opposes and blasphemes God until they day they die, don’t be saying that they are going to heaven.

I get it, we may not know what happened in the last moments, and they may have repented, but unless you know that, stop telling people everyone is going to heaven. This undermines the Gospel truth. If everyone is going to heaven, what was the purpose of Christ’s sacrifice? Why should we not sin if everyone goes to heaven anyway?

If a loved one dies, or a friends’ loved ones dies, use it as an opportunity to grow closer with God, and to share the Gospel, not to present false information about the nature of the life we live.

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