Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

William Wilberforce, the man who made the largest impact in abolishing slavery from England, is a hero to many because of the lives he saved. But, what many people do not know, is that slavery would have been abolished much earlier.

Wilberforce had been working for years to get an anti-slavery bill passed through the House of Commons. Finally, after all that work, he had the opportunity. In order for the bill to pass he needed a majority vote and after talking with his allies, he knew that he had just that.

The day came. This would be the day that slavery was abolished. But, as Wilberforce looked around the room, he noticed several of his allies missing. The anti-slavery bill was presented and was outvoted. Later on, Wilberforce found out what had happened.

Several of his allies had decided to take the day off. Some went to the local theatre because they had heard a spectacular play was going to be performed. Others sat at home and relaxed in their luxurious estates, deciding that today was a good day to take a rest. A few others decided to start their vacation. Every one of the missing men were out relaxing, vacationing or entertaining themselves while a bill to save thousands of live slipped through their fingers.

That is what happens when people who know to do good do nothing.

As humans, we have a stellar ability to look back at our forefathers and be astonished at the things they did and allowed, like slavery. We have no problem saying how terrible those things are and that we would never do things like that today. We all know and believe that slavery was such a terrible thing, I wonder what we are going to think about all the babies we have killed through abortion after it is abolished?

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