I have been doing a lot of graphics work lately, especially with my silhouette work. One of the first tools you learn when working with these types of graphics is a thing called “feathering”.

This is when you draw a mask around your image and then make the edges blur or feather into the other layers. This makes it harder to tell the difference between layers and is a great way to meld multiple images together. I have used it hundreds of times and it is a lifesaver!

When it comes to black and white objects, it creates a nice gray area between them. Blends them perfectly. The “gray area” is a familiar term for most people.

People like to say that things aren’t always black and white. That there are gray areas in life. That there is a “feathering” so to speak between the good layer and the bad layers. People will ask if some particular thing is a sin and even Christians will say that “that is a gray area.” This is simply not true and not Biblical!

Jesus clearly said that if we are not for Him we are against Him. He didn’t allow any gray area. And when you pay attention to how God treats sin, you will see He has no gray area either. It is either sin or it isn’t.

We generally say something is in a gray area if it is something we do or don’t want to limit ourselves from doing. We say it is a gray area to make ourselves feel better. This is a bad idea. This is us rejecting God’s holy truth.

You murder someone, it is a sin. It doesn’t matter if it was in self-defense, abortion, war, or out of hate. It is a sin and you need to repent.

You lie, it is a sin. It doesn’t matter if it is to protect someone, hurt someone or not intentional. It is a sin. Plain and simple.

We need to stick to what God has told us. He calls sin “sin” and holiness “holiness”. He has made it very clear so stop lying to yourself and others.

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