For the last several weeks we have had several feet of snow fall. The above picture was actually taken not to far from where I live. Anyway, when I look out my window all I can see is snow.

As it so happens, my little son loves to look at it as well. So, every time I change his diaper (an insane amount, am I right?), I stand him up and pull the blind down so he can look outside. It is his favorite part of diaper-changing time (I think).

While my hand sits there separating two of the blinds apart to open up a 6-inch window for him to peer through, he just moves his head looking around with the biggest smile on his face. Its a joy to see. and it reminds me of our worldviews.

Now, for my son, he sees the world very differently from me. He sees a world covered in white. He sees cars passing on the highway across from the fence. He sees people walking in front of us. He sees the street lamp between the softly falling snow. Then he sees the blinds again as daddy picks him up and swings him around.

This is his worldview. He does not know what snow is, he does not understand that each car passing by contains thousands of working parts, or the people walking in front of him are grown-up versions of himself. Though, in his mind, he knows what they are. His understanding of them is so far beneath my own, and mine is so far beneath that of a mechanic or a doctor.

My point: God does not have a worldview. He knows about every part of it all because He made it all. Just think how little a child knows, but how much they think they know. Then think of how much you know. Yeah, that is my point.

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