pathsteepThere was once two warring tribes. One tribe lived high up in the mountains, knowing every rock, tree, path and plant. The other tribe lived in a valley beneath the shadow of the mountain. They knew their valley perfectly, but had no knowledge of the mountain except about the people who lived above.

One day, the Highlanders (as they were called) ambushed the Lowlanders. A great battle ensued and many lives were lost, and one baby boy was kidnapped by the Highlanders. The Lowlanders, being a very closely knit people, sent out their best warriors and fighters to recapture the baby.

The warriors had the best intentions and worked as hard as they could, but after days of trying to scale the mountain, work their way through the maze of paths and trees to find the Highlanders village, they found themselves only a couple hundred feet up from where they had started. The mission was impossible.

Right when they decided to start heading back, they saw someone walking down the mountain. It was a woman . . . the mother of the kidnapped baby. They caught up to the woman and noticed the missing baby wrapped in her arms. The warriors were astonished. How did she scale the mighty mountain?

One man stopped the woman and asked, “How did you scale the mountain when we, the strongest men in the tribe, could not?”

The woman looked down at her baby and said, “He isn’t your baby.”

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