rock11ssOn the dusty, rocky roads of England, in the 1800’s, a man would be seen walking. Each day he woke up, ate breakfast, tied his shoe strings together, flung the shoes over his shoulders and walked outside barefoot. Whether muddy, dry, rocky or smooth, he went out each day to survey his land barefoot.

One day, a curious boy asked the man why he always went barefoot and never put on the protective shoes that were on his shoulders. The man bent over and said, “Every time I take a step barefoot, I can feel every thing I touch. I can feel the sharp rocks, the soft mud, the smooth grass, the dry dirt. I would have missed all these things if I wore my protective shoes. Sure, some of the things may not be pleasant but each time I step on something hard, it hurts less, and each time I step on something smooth it feels even better!”

The man put his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “If you go throughout life always protecting yourself from whatever may seem unpleasant, you will only block the chance to grow stronger and enjoy what is good in this life!”

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