The Big Bang claims that all the stars contracted from gas clouds in space. These gases then became stars. This, however has many problems because gas that is expanding doesn’t contract and form stars.

It is interesting to note that not a single record from human beings has ever reported observing a star condense from gas and dust. But, nonetheless we have an estimated 20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the entire known universe. Keep in mind that we have observed only part of the universe so there are certainly many more stars in the universe.

To give the evolutionist an advantage, we will say the universe started 20 billion years ago. So, if you were to start having stars at the first moment the Big Bang happened you would reach today with:

2,737,850,787 (2.7 billion) stars forming a day


82,135,523,614 (eighty-two . . . read the rest of the article >>

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