duckA few days ago, I was taking a rather long drive down the interstate. As can be imagined, I passed under many bridges and many bird nests which were beneath the bridges. Multiple times, there would be a couple daredevil birds deciding to cross the interstate while I was passing under. A couple of them would fly straight across, a few would falter on the way, deciding if they wanted to risk it, and some were plain boring and stood on the bridge and laughed at the other birds’ decisions.

Since starting this website, I have been faced with many questions. One of the big ones I always seem to be asking myself is, “What does God have for my life? What is His will?” This subject was my first thought when I saw those birds cross in front of me.

Those birds reminded me of how we react to God’s will. Some of us see that it is God’s will. We see the danger (in the bird’s case, my car), and we see the risk. But, we see the goal. So, we fly across, knowing that we are doing God’s will.

Then, some of us are like the birds that faltered. Sure, we see that it is the right thing to do, and we see the danger and the risk . . . but we often lose focus on the goal because we are seeing how close that car is getting to us. But, the ones that faltered had a higher chance of getting hit by my car than the ones that plowed on through.

The rest of us see the goal, that it is God’s will, the danger and the risk, but we sit back. We don’t want to falter like the other birds, or risk it all like the daredevil birds, so we sit on our ledge and sort of chuckle at the efforts of the others. We have one goal: be safe and stay where we are.

Which kind of bird are you?


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