flyglassI just had a tiny little fly on my desk. Just out of boredom I lightly put my finger on top of the little guy . . . it killed him! I barely even touched him in my mind but in his perspective, I crushed him, literally! The poor guy, if only I had seen it from his perspective.

As everyone who read this site should know, this got me thinking about perspective. Actually, this series, “Where’s the Love Bro?” is actually all about perspective (worldview). One perspective I instantly thought about when I started thinking about perspective was on the topic of insulting/teasing.

I come from a very sarcastic family. We are witty and sometimes find ourselves quite hilarious . . . among ourselves we can be quite a blast. But, sometimes, when we meet other people, that family humor and wit can transfer into other conversation and insult people. We see it as harmless but they have a different perspective of it. Sort of like my finger and the fly. I see it as perfectly fine but the fly sees it as lethal in more ways than one.

There have been many time I’ve been in both perspectives; the victim (fly) and the criminal (finger). I’ve really been able to see exactly how people’s different perspectives can impact how we impact them. You are going to impact someone no matter what, but the question is, do you want to impact them in a good way or a bad way?

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