Easily one of the most recognizable symbols of Israel, is the menorah. The Hebrew word for menorah throughout the Bible basically means a candlestick. It was a light. The menorah became one of the easily recognizable symbols related to Israel because Israel was going to give the world the Light of the world: Jesus Christ.

In Exodus 37:17 God tells us how the menorah was made:

And he made the candlestick of pure gold: of beaten work made he the candlestick; his shaft, and his branch, his bowls, his knops, and his flowers, were of the same:

Here we see that the menorah is made of pure gold. Once again we see that this represents the royalty of Jesus Christ. And we also see that Christ will be “pure”. The word for pure here can mean either morally pure or physically pure (like no dirt in the gold). Christ was morally perfect, never sinning, never making a mistake!

We also see, by the leads in the word “beaten” that Christ will be human. He will come to earth in a human body.

Also the other items in this verse suggest something else. The “shaft” would easily represent the covenant God made with Abraham (the details get a little uncomfortable so I don’t want to delve into it too much). The branch would definitely signify Christ’s name as the Branch of Jesse (Isaiah 11:1).

Then in the information about the “knops” (I like to think of them like little knots on the menorah). I find it very interesting that there were fourteen of these knops. The same number of generations between Abraham and the carrying away of Israel to Babylon and the carrying away of Israel to Babylon to David and between David and Christ. This was no accident.

The first knop on the main shaft, which is Christ, could represent Abraham. It was through Abraham that David was eventually born. and through David, the second knop, Christ was eventually born.

Like I’ve said over and over, everything in the Bible has a purpose. God wouldn’t have used space in His Holy Word is it didn’t have a meaning.


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