In John 19:34 it says:

But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced His side, and forthwith came there out blood and water

This verse was been the source of controversy based on many different variables. Although it would seem that this meant that Jesus had died of a broken heart (quite literally), there are many who say that is not possible.

They say: how can it be possible for Jesus to die from a natural cause (burst/broken heart) while saving the world from sin? In other words, how can something spiritual be caused by something natural. I’ll tell you how, right after I explain the importance of the burst heart.

In Psalm 22 it says that “. . . my heart is like wax; it is melted in the midst of my bowels.” If you doubt that this is a prophecy then you will have to wait for tomorrow’s article which will explain a whole lot of things about this chapter.

The People’s New Testament Commentary said of the verse:

The water, with clots of blood, can be accounted for only the previous rupture of the heart and the flow of blood into the pericardium, or outer sack of the heart, where it would separate very rapidly into water and clots of blood. Hence, it seems certain that the immediate physical cause of the death of Christ was rupture of the heart.

In case you do not know, a rupture heart is a serious thing. Other people say that Jesus could not have died because of a ruptured heart so they propose the following, as seen in Albert Barnes’ New Testament Commentary.

The heart is surrounded by a membrane called the pericardium. This membrane contains a serous matter or liquor resembling water, which prevents the surface of the heart from becoming dry by its continual motion (Webster). It was this which was pierced and from which the water flowed.

This seems to make sense but when the look at the Greek word for water in the Gospel of John you find that it is a very literal word meaning exactly what it says, “water”. There is little, if any, room to interpret it as anything even close to water.

Other people also say that the water (as it being water for real) and blood is a supernatural mystery meant to symbolize the washing of sins with Jesus’ blood and then baptism with water. It makes perfect sense that they could represent that and there seems to be little evidence directly against this theory.

But, once again, we have come around to the prophecy in Psalms 22 that says “.  . . my heart is like wax; it is melted in the midst of my bowels.” The Hebrew words seem to suggest that the “melting” would be predicting a ruptured heart but it is hard to tell.

The biggest argument for it all is that the prophecy needed fulfillment and God made sure John recorded the incident with the spear so all would know that He fulfilled the prophecy in Christ.

As far as the whole “Jesus couldn’t have died from a ruptured heart because it would be a natural death that killed Him and the natural cannot cause the supernatural.” Oh really?

Can you explain the Red Sea then in a purely spiritual way? Can water stand up like walls purely spiritually or naturally? What about Noah’s ark? Can the whole earth flood just spiritually or naturally? No, for both these miracles you need the spiritual as well as the natural. God could have used the natural to make His perfect Sacrifice (which is a spiritual saving).

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