800px-CaribouOur culture is saturated with the idea that believing in something is very important. Not faith-type of believing, but a feeling-type of believing. You could say, “feeling is believing” for this generation. You still have many people holding to the idea that “seeing is believing” but it is being replaced by feelings.

Nowadays, you really do hear a lot about believing in things. For example, if you believe, this caribou can pull a sled and fly, carrying a big man and a bunch of presents. If you believe hard enough or real enough, then some things will become true.

This is a faulty mindset. A feeling-based belief does not guarantee anything. You can believe all you want that caribou can fly, but that doesn’t change the fact that they cannot fly. Makes you think of Polar Express, doesn’t it?

But, there is a form of belief that is very important and can change things. It is called a faith-based belief. It is a belief that trusts God completely to do exactly what He knows is best. It is a type of belief that is followed by actions; often by both parties. It isn’t a belief that makes caribou fly, but it is a faith that can change a life. Learn more about faith HERE.

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