questionAwhile back, Already Answered finished a series on what life is. We explored the Lively 7 characteristics of life, aka SHAREGO. To refresh yourself on the subjects we discussed you may go to S H A R E G O. Anyway, when we were done exploring these characteristics of life I decided it would be informative to analyze whether or not God is “alive” by our earthly definition.

Here we go:

Stimulus Response: God cannot respond to stimulus as He cannot not know something thus He would not require and action. For “S” . . . No

Homeostasis: God always keeps a steady balance in His “environment”. Since He knows everything and lives in everywhen He always maintains homeostasis even before things happen here on Earth. For “H” . . . Yes

Adaption: God, clearly cannot adapt, since that would require a change He would not have expected or known about.  For “A” . . . No

Reproduction: God cannot reproduce, period. For “R” . . . No

Energy: God cannot seek, obtain or use energy as that would require Him to be an eternal being that is dependent on energy that cannot exist without a energy source. For “E” . . . No

Growth: God cannot grow. He is infinite in size, encompassing everything and everyone, thus He can not grow as that would limit His current size. For “G” . . . No

Organized with cells: God is not made up of cells. God isn’t even made up of the smallest thing that can still perform all the duties of life. For “O” . . . No

For God, He got a 1 out of 7 . . . this seems a dilemma for the Christian scientist. However, it isn’t. As we discussed in this article, God is not limited by nature. Thus, when we on earth declare life God cannot be included since He does not exist in our world. It would be like classifying life as a small creature with an exoskeleton and antennas and whose family’s name starts with “A”. Of course, ants aren’t the only life out there. As soon as you define a new definition for the life God exists in, you can see a small sample of what life truly means.

According to God’s nature, life could be identified as only what He consists of. You see, the bottom line is that God doesn’t live in our dimension, therefore He cannot be alive in the same sense we are. It is because He exists outside of our realm that we know He is alive! If God were to have too many of the above characteristics it would cease to make Him God.

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