By the very mineral He made,

Did it bite and tear His back,

By the very animal He made,

Did its skin rip His,

By the very thorns He made,

Did they pierce His brow,

By the very color He made,

Did it ridicule Him,

By the very tongue He made,

Did it lash Him with scorn,

By the very rock He made,

Did it scrape His feet,

By the very liquid He made,

Did it land at His feet in disgust,

By the very hand He made,

Did they streak across His face,

By the very dust He made,

Did it infect His wounds,

By the very muscle He made,

Did it strike Him down in agony,

By the very dirt He made,

Did it stain His feet,

By the very metal He made,

Did it pin Him to death,

By the very blood He made,

Did it quickly weaken Him,

By the very wood He made,

Did He die.

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