darwincCharles Darwin has changed the world in no small terms! Unfortunately, I am not talking about the better of the two ways of turning the world.

Darwin was born on February 12th, 1809. He was raised in Shewsbury, England and went to Dr. Butler’s School at age 11. Darwin lost his mother when he was just eight years old. This didn’t really effect him because the memory of his mother was small and unimportant to him.

“. . . I can remember hardly anything about her except her death-bed, her black velvet gown, and her curiously constructed work-table.”1

Darwin was first sent to a school that was kept by a Rev. G. Case who pastored a Unitarian church. Darwin then learned, for seven years, at Dr. Butler’s School. He learned very little except for ancient history and geography. Darwin considered these times a dud.2

After, and during, his education at Butler’s, Darwin moved into more deeper passions. He loved Shakespeare and delighted in learning about the barometer.

One of the most famous journeys of Darwin was his trip on the HMS Beagle to South America. He visited St. Helena, St. Jago and, of course, the Galapagos Islands.

Darwin is known for his intensive study of local finches here and this was one of his bases for the theory of evolution.

It was after this trip that Darwin began his work on On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. That is a long title but it received a lot of attention after it was published November of 1859.

The truth is, Darwin was not the first person to contradict the Bible in his theory of evolution. In fact, the degrading movement began with people almost a hundred years before him.

They didn’t propose that man evolved from apes or from soup but they did say that the layers of rock we see today were the results of millions of years. Darwin was friends with some of the men who were still alive in his day.3

We know this not to be true because the global flood depicted in Genesis 6-9 was a worldwide catastrophe that would’ve laid down hundreds of feet of sediment in minutes!

Charles Darwin has lead the way for a lot of misconception of our world and has been accountable for hundreds of lies told to us for the last 50 years alone.

We find, that when we reject the Biblical account of Creation we find ourselves placing the entire world at jeopardy.

We know that Darwin still has a hold on this world because we see men like Stephen Hawkings, Richard Dawkins and Hugh Ross saying that we can believe evolution as true science, but, as we know from the Bible, we cannot.



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