israelReading through the first five books of the Bible, you really realize how tight the Israel nation was. In Numbers 9:17-23 it says how Israel was only supposed to “journey” when God commanded. They were a tight-knit group of hundreds of thousands. They created a community focused on God. They created a sort of Old Testament C-4-Community.

Think about what Israel did. They influenced the world. Jericho was terrified of them because they knew God was on their side. So many pagan nations were shaking in their boots because they knew what God was doing through Israel.

Israel fathered many of the greatest kings in history, greatest warriors, and the greatest Man who ever lived: Jesus Christ. They were a group set apart, by God, to proclaim His word. They kept together and those who were trained up as leaders went out and led.

To find out more about a C-4 Community, click HERE.

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