Answer truthfully:
Which one would you pick?

Imagine this scenario:

A woman is pregnant. She doesn’t want the baby so she goes to an abortion clinic. She has her baby sucked out with a vacuum like device and her baby is gone. There is no remorse.

Now, imagine this scenario:

A dog is pregnant. The owner doesn’t want the puppies so he brings her to a place and has her puppies sucked out of her.

Now, when the woman and the dog come home which of the families is going to feel sadder? The woman’s family or the dog’s owner’s family?

The sad truth is, people would find it a horrible thing to abort the cute little puppies but there isn’t that much wrong with killing a human baby who will only bring more “trouble and stress”. What a twisted and disgusting world we live in!

If you want to help end this murdering of millions of humans, then watch this video and share it with whomever you can!

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