sunsetroadMany people ask for a sign that God is real . . . thing is, God is omniscient so He made signs before anyone even asked. Come to think of it . . . some of them were before anyone was even made!

He created the world. He created the universe and all that is in it. He made the angels, the stars, planets, moons, all the beasts of the world, fowl, all marine creatures, every plant, fruit and vegetable. He designed every cell and put them in perfect order. He set up when the sun rose and set and when the moon would do the same.

He created mankind. And He mad sure mankind could experience all of the things He had designed.

He then planned out, from eternity past, how to redeem man when he would fail. He then was great enough to make sure His entire plan was written into a book so that every single human could read it!

Truly, only a perverse and evil generation asks for a sign . . .

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