seminarI first heard of The Jesus Seminar when I picked up a book named “The Five Gospels”. I figured it would be a interesting book to read as I thought it was for the Bible and Christ. I soon learned the truth.

Once I started reading the book and skipping through it, I realized that this Seminar was actually against Christ and His work. They may have thought they were doing the right thing, but they were not.

You want to know what they did to Christ? They brought a bunch of Professors together and, based off of human knowledge, they voted for which parts of Jesus’ words they thought were truly said by Him! They took 82% of what Jesus said out of the Bible!

They thought they knew what Jesus really said better than the eyewitnesses did. When you read their introduction you see where they started in their exploration. They said:

In addition to the safeguards offered by the historical methodologies practiced by all responsible scholars and the protection from idiosyncrasies afforded by peer review and open debate, the final test is to ask whether the Jesus we have found is the Jesus we wanted to find.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with that?

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