readI was recently looking for good magazines to write for, when I came across a devotional magazine. On their front page they have this statement, “A devotion may be someone’s only Bible for the day.” Although true, this statement is rather sad.

Our world has already taken the Bible too lightly; why should Christians add to the group? Most Christians I know rarely even read the Bible and only a handful read it daily. What have we done?

Simply put, we have replaced God’s Word with our words. These devotions people read actually replace the Bible. These devotions are man’s word with quotes from God instead of God’s Word with quote from man. Isn’t that just wrong? What kind of issues are there if a Christian replaces God’s Word with man’s word and thinks it is better?

It is time we go back to the Bible. Yes, continue reading devotions but also read the Bible. Read multiple chapters a day. Study it. Pray it. Think about it. And then do it all again! Set aside time to do exactly this everyday. Let the Bible take a stand over man’s “Bible”. Don’t ever get caught in the lie that man’s word is better than God’s!

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