We are surrounded by death. We see it on movies, TV, games, etc. It seems to be everywhere, even when reading about a casual subject, such as squirrels (you will most likely get a predator list and/or life expectancy). Death lives among us! And, the truth is, 10 out of 10 die.

But, when it comes to humans and death, the story is completely different from that of a plant or animal. In fact, the death of a human is so important that the entire Bible is all about Someone who would (and did) defeat death.

With that said, what is the purpose of our discussing death?

The other day I was thinking about all the unsaved people who die everyday. And, rather suddenly, it hit me like a load of bricks.

All those unsaved souls, who have condemned themselves to hell, must have been souls that would never have been saved. Would God let someone die before they were going to be saved?

Now, this statement might seem all fine and dandy but think about the deep aspects of this.

First, this statement requires God to be all-knowing, knowing that the said unsaved soul would never turn to Him. So, God is omniscient, which we know to be true.

Secondly, it suggests that all the millions, maybe billions, of unsaved souls who have died, were souls that were never going to repent. Never!

So, how did I come to this conclusion? By the very question that I first asked myself. “Would God let someone die before they were going to be saved?” The answer is, “absolutely not!”

What kind of God would we be acknowledging if He were One that shuts the door on Salvation right before the person walks through it? Does that sound like the God that sent His only Son to become a humble, filthy man for 33 years and then die an agonizing death on a cruel form of punishment? Does that sound like the God we, as born-again believers, know?

My main point in all of this is as follows: if someone is to die today unsaved then we know they were never going to repent. However, if we, as Christians, decide to start witnessing we might just prevent someone’s death and instead turn them to heaven.

As far as it goes when witnessing to some person and that person dies, we can’t say, “he {or she] was so close . . .” because he or she was never going to repent. If they were going to and they died, then God is not who He is.

But . . . think of what an amazing God He is to make sure not a single soul perishes without the certainty of it never turning to Christ.

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