study55This last Monday, I did my last final exam for school! I still have to do a presentation this next Monday and then some summer school in order to be the first one in my family to graduate with a diploma, but I am otherwise done with school!

Normally, every school night my head hits the pillow and I fall asleep within minutes because of my exhaustion . . . not the night I finished school. I couldn’t fall asleep for quite a while. I literally, when I finished school, felt the burden of it all lift off my shoulders. Because I was dual-enrolled (I did homeschooling and online-schooling) my first two years of highschool, I didn’t have enough credits to plausibly graduate by my senior year. So, this required getting 16 credits in one school year!

After getting a special pass by the principal, I was allowed to take more classes than average. I was able to keep up with it but it usually sent me to bed very tired. And then, to keep the cruelty on, it would get me out of bed early to finish it all up! Fortunately, I had Christ backing me on this important goal to graduate and I was able to make it through the last two, difficult years.

I praise God for His stunning provision through these last few years! He is truly amazing!

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