jobJust yesterday, for a school assignment, I had to write a resume. It can be awfully interesting sitting down and really thinking about everything you’ve done in life and try to see which things would help you get a job.

I was able, fortunately, to write down enough prior information to fill out the assignment. There were plenty of times, however when I really had to think of what I’ve done. Of course, my writing experience was on there. I didn’t work for years honing my writing skills for them not to be on my resume!

Speaking of which, I have recently been selected as a writer for two other Christian magazines. One magazine is a branch of Standard Publishing and is called, Encounter. I’m very excited about this magazine and the article I wrote for it. I believe the article and proof so plainly proves the deity of Christ and the authority of the Bible that it would be sad for it not to be included in a Christian magazine!

I was also accepted a few days ago by Nature Friend. I wrote a children’s article on aardvarks for them. I’m happy to see that these awesome creatures will be showcased to kids from the Christian perspective.

I’m excited to see my work showcased in these Christian magazines!

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