Humans are a very unique creation in this world of God’s. In fact, we are so unique that an entire sections of science have been set apart for humans. These include the study of diseases that infect humans (human pathology), our makeup of our body (human anatomy) and realms of the “mind world” all revolve around humans. Actually, it seems the whole universe revolves around humans; technically it does.

According to the Bible, the entire universe was made for humans by God. He designed the galaxies for humans to express awe. He crafted beasts of the world for humanity along with the fowl of the air. And yes, even the fish, reptiles and mammals of the water.

Thus humans, in the Christian worldview should be valued above all other creatures and one should never kill a fellow human being. God made every human being and He is so very zealous for them that He wishes that none should perish, both in the physical and spiritual world.

Think about all that for a minute . . . isn’t it amazing? Isn’t God amazing?

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