starfish52The tide came in high at night. The little girl and her parents watched the moon pull the water further up along the shore. Eventually the little girl fell asleep and she was brought back to her house and laid in bed.

The next day, the little girl ran out to see if the tide was still coming up. When she looked at the receding line of the water, she noticed thousands of shapes on the sand. She jumped onto the drying sand and approached one of the shapes. It was a starfish. The sun was coming up and starting to bake them.

The little girl finally got the courage to pick up one of the starfish and gently place it in the water. She pushed it a little deeper, then decided to throw it further into the ocean. She picked up another one and did the same process.

She kept doing this for hours. Still thousands of starfish remained on the sand. The sun was getting hotter. Finally her parents came out. Her mother said, “honey, there are too many to save all of them.”

Her dad bent down and looked her in the eyes and said, “sorry, you can’t help them all.”

The little girl bent down, grabbed a starfish and put it in the water. She looked back and said, “I helped that one!”

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