This get-what-I-want-attitude also suggests three things to kids when they are growing up (their most important times in life):

Disrespect to parents

Disrespect to those who don’t have what they do or do have what they don’t

Disrespect to God

Disrespect to parents

In a world where children are granted seemingly whatever they want whenever they want it, these kids will develop a taste for supremacy. They will begin to see (or be taught, unbeknownst, by the parents) that they are the “boss” and the parents are their slaves.

This dangerous attitude develops slowly and children will apply it sparingly until they know they have full control. I can say this because I only have a few short years between my memory of being a kid and having a kid’s brain. We are much craftier than many people think.

Anyway, this disrespect breeds contempt, child supremacy over parents, and ends in a child who believes everything will be handed to him on a silver platter.

Disrespect to those who don’t have what they do or do have what they don’t

Today’s modern-day version of the so-called “Golden Rule” is as follows. “Only treat those who have what you do as you would want them to treat you.” This would seem, on the surface, like a comment made only by those who have everything nobody else has, but it doesn’t.

See, when someone has “everything”, and a different person doesn’t, a certain attitude of disdain can be directed toward that “higher” group and hatred, jealously and strife can breed from it all.

So, giving your kid everything they want is something that creates a bad image and attitude.

Disrespect to God

Many people believe that we were created in order to give God pleasure. Or, in a crude way, for God to have some “playthings” He could direct around and have worship Him. However, such an idea, which comes from many Christians, is not biblical and contradicts the nature of God.

It is usually those with this God-made-me-for-Him attitude, that will disconnect God from their lives and get whatever they want. This creates a disrespect for God on a giant level.

God made us so we could drink of His everlasting holiness. Instead of saying God made us for Him (because He was “lonely”) you could say God made us for our own benefit in His holiness.

This get-what-I-want attitude has taken too many people under its wing. This attitude breeds disrespect on many levels and, ultimately, destroys every human being in its path. Not very pretty, is it?

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