panicI remember, when I was just a kid, having a blast by watching lightning and counting until the thunder shook the house. I remember having fun while on road trips where the only thing we could do was point out “punch buggies” and “cruiser bruisers”. I remember being entertained only by a single computer game (Croc if you must know) for years and years. That is how we had fun when I was a kid.

Nowadays, it seems every kid, no matter what their age, has every available machine of fun. You name it (iPods, iPad, Smartphones, etc.), the average child probably has it. This attitude of “want-it-get-it” has literally turned children into the parents and the parents into their slaves.

Parents who don’t give their children these types of things are called things very close to “killjoys”. Because my family has strict rules on these types of things, other parents in one of our previous churches would take us kids aside and ask, “don’t your parents let you have any fun?”

These people were labeling my parents as killjoys, and they were going to do what they could to stop it.

Those types of comments hurt my parents and we kids deeply. Our parents were protecting us and other families could not see that. Instead, they looked at their own life, saw what they indulged their kids in, and figured other parents should do the same. Such an attitude comes directly from the cultural Christianity that peruses the world today.

This attitude also suggests three things to kids when they are growing up (their most important times in life):

Disrespect to parents

Disrespect to those who don’t have what they do or do have what they don’t

Disrespect to God

Disrespect to parents

In a world where children are granted seemingly whatever they want whenever they want it, these kids will develop a taste for supremacy. They will begin to see (or be taught, unbeknownst, by the parents) that they are the “boss” and the parents are their slaves.

This dangerous attitude develops slowly and children will apply it sparingly until they know they have full control. I can say this because I only have a few short years between my memory of being a kid and having a kid’s brain. We are much craftier than many people think.

Anyway, this disrespect breeds contempt, child supremacy over parents, and ends in a child who believes everything will be handed to him on a silver platter.

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