musicmemorizeLately I have listened to a lot of music since I’ve done a lot of driving. This last week I’ve really noticed how smart the human brain is. I’d be listening to a song and realize I had it memorized in no time, even when I wasn’t trying.

My brain was picking up the words even when I wasn’t; this is pretty cool all in itself. Other times, I noticed that I could fill in the next part of a song even if it was my first time listening to it. My brain caught unto a pattern or a sequence and naturally repeated it. That is pretty sweet as well.

Another thing I noticed was how well our brains can attach a memory to music. For instance, I often play a game with my siblings involving soundtrack music. I play part of an instrumental and they have to guess what show it comes from.

I played an excerpt of a song to my five-year-old brother a few weeks ago. It was very hard to recognize the song, even I didn’t know what show it was when I first heard it. But, my little brother guessed it within seconds. I was astonished at how perfect his little brain was.

Without getting preachy, I want to make it clear that our brains are magnificent things! Today, think about it a little; bet you’d be surprised!

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