I was perusing a book on dinosaurs awhile back and I noticed something that reminded me of something else. This book said that the earth formed 4,600 million years ago (aka 4.6 billion years ago) and a lecture (you can watch the video, he talks about it about halfway through, here) I had recently heard jumped to my mind.

This Creationist, Dr. Kent Hovind, gave note to how rapidly the age of the earth is changing. He noted that, in 1770, the earth was supposedly 70,000 years old. Then, in 1905, 2 billion years old. 1969 it was a whopping 3.6 billion years old. And finally, today it is considered to be 4.6 billion years old.

And then he made an interesting point that I would like to expand on. He said that the earth is getting 21 million years older every year for the last 220 years! That means that the earth is rapidly aging 40 years every minute.

Look at it this way, since before 1770 the earth has gained

More than half a year every second

40 years every minute

57,495 years every day

402,464 years each week

1,749,975 years each month

20,999,704 years each year

209,997,038 years every decade

2,099,970,378 years every one hundred years

And 4,619,934,880 every 220 years

It amazes me how anyone can believe in this stuff.

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