“Glory, glory, glory to God Almighty, who showed us truth and gave His Son for that same truth. Words do not describe the words I have for the Savior! If God be with us, who can be against us?” – Matthew

“How could we be so foolish?! We questioned God and claimed we knew more! God forgive us. We know now and our joy is uncontainable!” – Manasseh (man who walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus)

“They say we are lunatics and that we didn’t know what we were talking about. Well, let me tell those people something! I know what I saw and I know that He is risen and alive!” – Mary of Magdalene

“No!!!! Something has to be done! This can’t go on! We destroyed this Jesus, but now the evidence points to Him rising from the dead! We’ll just have to kill His followers then.” – Micah (one of the Scribes who was against Jesus)

“We were scared to our wits end. I had not fallen asleep accidentally because what I had seen changed my life. I didn’t believe the other soldiers report because I knew the truth! Jesus had risen from the dead!” – Pontus (Roman soldier who guarded Jesus’ tomb)

“I saw the empty tomb and the empty clothes. Tears dropped from my eyes and I cried out to the Holy name of Jesus Christ. And in exuberance ran to His feet when He showed Himself to us!” – John

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