“We were the most despicable people at that time. We had abandoned Him and left Him to evil. We were embarrassed and ashamed. We dare not show our faces even to God. We hid.” – Thomas

“If there was just one thing I could’ve changed it would have been the fact that I had been on the other side of the Garden.” – Malchus (High Priest’s servant)

“It was a time of wastefulness. Men cried like babies as they remembered their abandonment of Jesus and women moped about silently, trying to force memories of Jesus out of their broken hearts. It was a time for mourning.” – Mary, mother of Jesus

“We got to rest for that one day. We had basically destroyed the entire uprising in one swift blow. We were proud of ourselves.” – Asa (Sadducee who enjoyed the quietness after Jesus’ death)

“What were we supposed to do or say? Our King had died! Do we march about the streets proclaiming the death of a Man we thought was the Messiah? Surely not! The people would have rejected the Christ even more. No, we just sat and waited together; lonely companions in faith.” – Peter

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